PADDY McGuinness has claimed he was scammed out of £600 by someone posing as Coronation Street star Derek Griffiths.

The Bolton comic revealed on Twitter yesterday that he had been duped out of the money when he won a supposed charity auction on eBay to win a dinner with the soap actor.

He was under the impression that all proceeds from the bidding would go towards autism and dementia charities.

The alleged fraudster had been posing as Mr Griffiths under a Twitter account, which had the blue verification tick.

Paddy said to his Twitter followers: "Morning, not a good start to 2018. I paid over £600 to a supposed Autism charity for the below. Turns out this sack of s*** has been scamming money off people under the guise of charity for a long time. Next stop for me is @gmpolice to report this scum bag."

Representatives for Mr Griffiths have since confirmed that the actor is not involved with the charity dinner offers and that he has never had a Twitter account.

Paddy later tweeted: "Thanks for the response folks. Hearing about people stealing money from Charity has always made my blood boil. Look at the good people he’s scammed out of money destined for good causes."