A BURGLAR trashed an apartment and stole more than £3,000 in clothes, game consoles and watches.

Morgan Podmore’s Westhoughton home was raided on Monday morning, just an hour after he and his father left to go to work.

The man managed to make off with thousands of pounds worth of goods and also targeted Westhoughton Sports and Social Club, which Mr Podmore’s flat is above.

The thief used a ladder to get up to their Park Road apartment before cutting the PVC on the window to gain access to the property.

Once inside, the thief carried out a search of the property and stole a Playstation 4, a Playstation 3, a pair of designer glasses and around 24 watches.

Mr Podmore and his father collect the watches and designer clothes, around £135 in cash, a virtual reality headset and aftershave were also taken.

One of the watches was a present off Mr Podmore’s girlfriend and the cash was meant to go towards his brother’s wedding and stag party.

He has estimated all the items taken are worth more than £3,000 combined.

Mr Podmore, aged 23, said: “It was a mess. They have gone through everything, even the fridge.

“They probably made themselves a butty while they were doing it.

“I was absolutely shocked. My dad is just shaken up, he has not gone into work this week. It has hit him really hard.

“At the moment for me I feel more stressed than anything. I have not had a lot of sleep. I am getting around three hours.

“When I am in bed I feel like there is someone looking over me. It is just awful.”

The break-in took place at around 7.30am and the thief used pillow cases from inside to get the items out of the flat.

The items were left at the bottom of the ladder while the man attempted to break into the club downstairs.

It is believed the offender then smashed one of the club’s windows, but fled when the alarm started to go off.

The man was seen on CCTV leaving the scene at around 7.35am.

Mr Podmore said the man had been seen on CCTV at the back of the social club at around 6.30am so believes the flat was being watched.

Police forensics officers visited the flat but told Mr Podmore there were no fingerprints. Anyone with information should contact police on 101.