PARENTS have rallied to support a school which has lost its good rating after an Ofsted inspection.

Ladybridge Primary has been judged as 'requires improvement' by inspectors — a grading which parents say does not reflect the school.

Headteacher Colin Watson said the school community was 'extremely disappointed' with the outcome of the inspection.

Inspectors reported that pupils' progress is variable between classes and apart from in maths and English, 'subject leadership is weak'.

But inspectors also found that results in the national tests were above average and pupils were 'eager to learn'. They marked development, behaviour and welfare of pupils as good.

Mr Watson said: "Staff, governors, pupils and parents feel extremely disappointed about the outcomes of the Ofsted inspection. We believe that so much of what we do at Ladybridge has not been recognised in the Ofsted report.

"This has been echoed by so many parents’ comments over the last few days; they simply don’t recognise our school from what is written in the report."

A question and answer session was held for parents.

Mr Watson said: "This was really important in continuing to maintain the open and honest relationships we have with our parents. This enabled parents to clarify, check and challenge aspects of the report, and helped them understand what had been written and why. This type of meeting helps to ensure our parents are informed and involved, and will allow them to continue to play an active part in working with school staff, so that we can improve the school together.

"We are currently reviewing and redesigning the wider curriculum, which fits with priorities identified in the Ofsted report. We will also be exploring more effective ways of gathering and recording pupils learning, in order that we have clear evidence of progress and learning across all areas of the curriculum. This will also support our third priority, which will focus on significant investment in leadership CPD, for subject leaders throughout school, subject leaders, in order all teachers develop into outstanding leaders.

"We will continue to provide all pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum, in a happy, safe and nurturing environment, enabling them to leave us as fully-rounded, confident and skilful individuals."

Parents said the report did not mirror their experiences of the school.

They say that the school ensures parents are involved with their child's education and has an 'open door' policy for them.

Kala Kathiriya, who has a child in Year Six.

She said: "I am disappointed in the Ofsted report, in my view it is not a balanced view.

"It says it does not push pupils, my child is now at Bolton School because of the education he received from the school. My son who is still at the school is very enthusiastic and comes home and wants to go on the computer to find out more. His class was doing as topic on Egypt and he researched it and asked if we could go to the museum.

"I have spoken to many parents and they are all saying the same thing we are all hugely disappointed."

Melanie Summerscales added: "I was absolutely shocked when I read this report. My son is progressing and improving in every respect, he is so happy .

"The school is like a family it is so cohesive and, it is full of warmth."