TWO British extremists believed to have been members of Islamic State’s brutal executions group responsible for the murder of aid worker Alan Henning have been captured, it has been reported.

Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh were detained by US-allied Kurdish militia fighters in January.

Along with Mohammed Emwazi - the killer nicknamed Jihadi John - and Aine Davis, they are believed to have been part of a group named after the 60s band The Beatles because of their English accents.

The four Londoners were linked to a string of hostage murders in Iraq and Syria during the bloody Islamist uprising.

Unnamed US Officials told the New York Times that Kotey, 34, and Elsheikh , 29, were captured by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces which were fighting the last remaining pockets of IS fighters near the river Euphrates on the Iraq/Syria border.

It added that the men were identified by fingerprints and other biometric means.

Emwazi, who was killed in a US air strike in 2015, appeared in a number of videos in which captives including British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning were beheaded.

Mr Henning was kidnapped and killed by IS militants as he joined a convoy setting off from Bolton to deliver aid relief to refugees caught up in the civil war in Syria.