A TOWN is in serious need of a band to come forward and play during its annual Remembrance Day parade.

Members of Blackrod Town Council were told at the monthly meeting on Monday that the authority was having 'great difficulty' in finding musicians to perform on Sunday, November 11.

It was recently decided by the council that the service would be moved from its usual afternoon at just after 2pm to 11am, in line with the rest of the country.

Cllr John Price, who represents the North Ward, said: "I think as soon as the arrangements are finalised and published it should be fine.

"There are eight months to sort it out. For goodness sake, surely we can all get together and get it sorted in eight months.

"If necessary then lets have the Brownies and the Cubs in front of us walking up the road and someone with the radio on their shoulders or something.

"It is only once that it is going to happen on that day, November 11, when it happens to be the 100-year commemoration."

Last year, Blackrod began Remembrance period began on the Saturday with a short dedication service at 10.30am before maroons were fired at 11am.

Then on the following day, the Remembrance Sunday parade will left from outside Heroes Bar at 2.10pm before the service at the cenotaph at 2.15pm.

This was followed by a parade and service at St Katharine's Church at 3pm

But this year the main parade will be held at 11am following discussions with St Katharine's Church.

The town clerk said she has attempted to contact a number of bands but many already have alternative arrangements for that day.

These include Greenfield Band, which performed at last year's service.

But the Yorkshire-based group has already arranged to play at the Remembrance Day parade in Westhoughton, which takes place at the same time.

The town mayor of Blackrod Isabel Seddon aired the idea of having the cadets taking part as the band

She said: "We used to invite the cadets and they used to come and march with us.

Any bands interested in helping out should call Blackrod Town Council on 01204 696362.