ANOTHER fan of Fred Dibnah has revealed he too has an epic tribute to his hero on his epidermis.

Mr Nick Lawton has a £300 tattoo of the Bolton legend on his left arm

“I’ve been a fan of Fred’s since I was a nipper. I’ve seen all his programmes and read all his books,” he said.

Earlier this month we revealed how mechanic-mad Ian Tennison was similarly inspired to have a Fred tattoo.

“People think I’m a bit eccentric but I don’t care,” laughed Mr Tennison, from Scunthorpe.

Mr Lawton’s tattoo took three hours to apply but he said the pain did not bother him.

“I’m used to it because my body is covered in tattoos, in fact I’ve got a tattoo of Isambard Kingdom Brunel right next to Fred,” he said.

“Brunel was one of Fred’s heroes and he’s one of mine too.”

Mr Lawton, aged 45, added: “I’m a big fan of industrial history – it was what made this country great.”

The Huddersfield skip collector particularly admires Fred’s attitude to work.

“He gave it his all, and I’m the same – a total workaholic!”