NEW community bins have been installed following the recent complaints of litter in Horwich.

There have been recent concerns raised by residents about litter across the town and overflowing bins.

But following a number of community litter picks organised by town councillor Steve Chadwick, officials from Bolton Council have installed two bins in the town centre.

One has been placed outside the Public Hall and another is near the junction of Winter Hey Lane and Chorley New Road.

Cllr Chadwick said: "In the process of starting the litter picking group, I noticed a group in Kearsley had some 'community bins' installed, these are hoops with bin bags attached, which are attached to railings.

"I have spoken to a different team at Bolton Council who have been a great help with our litter picking group, with equipment and the removal of filled bags, and they have agreed to install some community bins in Horwich."

The bins are to by managed by Horwich Town Council as part of a trial.

Cllr Chadwick added: "These community bins need to be community managed, that means emptied by residents or community groups, or an organisation which is not Bolton Council themselves.

"Bolton Council's officer advises they are happy to help groups with community bins, and litter picking, if it doesn't place an additional burden on the borough council.

"That means whoever manages these bins will have to empty and refill them, and then for example, leave the bag of litter by an existing bin nearby, this could then be removed when the standard existing bins are emptied on their existing rota, thus increasing capacity, but not impacting Bolton Council with an extra burden.

"It is not ideal, but it would seem a compromised partial solution to the problem of lack of bins and litter about town, they wouldn't be suitable everywhere, and would rely on the community managing them."

The next litter pick will be at Hilton Playing Fields on Sunday April 29 at 10am.