A DEVELOPER proposing to build homes near a luxury hotel has allocated well over half for over-55s, starter homes and socially rented bungalows.

The remaining 41 of the 98 homes planned around the Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa in Bromley Cross would be sold on the open market.

Jones Homes (North West) has submitted extra documents to Bolton Council specifying the make-up of its plans to construct 98 houses and apartments on the site.

Residents have been lobbying against the scheme on the basis of concerns about the strain on the local infrastructure such as streets, schools and health services.

In its new documents, the developer is not proposing to increase the number of proposed properties but to tweak the mix of different types of homes and to define to whom they will be made available.

Cllr David Greenhalgh, the Conservative group leader, said: "These new amendments do not alter my opinion in the slightest.

"They are, in my view, a 'sweetener' that do not alter the fact our roads can not cope with any more traffic and our local services are at breaking point."

Under the developer's plans, a total of 35 homes on the western part of the site in Hospital Road will be designated as accommodation for the over-55s.

Eight single-storey homes fronting Hospital Road will be allocated as 'socially rented bungalows' and 14 houses on the eastern flank would be deemed 'starter homes'.

The remaining 41 houses would be sold on the open market.

In terms of the style and design of the proposed 98 homes, Cheshire-based Jones Homes (North West) wants to reduce the number of three-bed coach houses from three to two and the number of a particular design of three-bed homes from 13 to 11.

It is increasing another style of three-bed homes from 22 to 25.

Mr Greenhalgh said: "Myself and my colleague Cllr Critchley met with planning officers to argue that this was effectively a new application, and a period of time should be given for consultation on these new amendments.

"This was not accepted as there was no change in the number of dwellings and layout, and only minor change in size of dwelling.

"However they agreed to send a consultation letter to all residents who border or look on to the areas the new amendments affect."

The application is due to be heard by Bolton Council's planning committee on February 9, the same day a site visit is taking place for committee members.