TODAY’S photograph shows a part of the Last Drop Village in Bromley Cross in a picture taken in July 1977.

The Last Drop Village was originally converted from a group of derelict 17th century farm buildings known as “Orrell Fold”.

The Orrell family held the Manor of Turton from around 1420, when the Lord of the Manor, John de Torbock, died and was succeeded by William Orrell. The title was then passed down through successive generations of the Orrell family, all of whom lived at Turton Tower.

In 1930 Mr William Carr, a farmer and race horse owner bought the farm. He used Orrell Fold mainly for stabling his horses. Orrell Fold then became largely unoccupied and the buildings fell into a state of neglect. In 1963 Mr Carr sold the derelict farm to Mr Carton Walker who created the Last Drop Village.