CUSTOMERS were furious when a cashpoint failed to dispense money but cut their bank balance.

Lloyds cashpoint in Market Street, Farnworth, didn't produce bank notes because of a technical error, but deducted the amount requested from people's balance.

Leo Jameson, a Farnworth resident, went to the bank machine on Saturday to withdraw cash, but when the notes weren't dispensed, he was told by staff that there was nothing they could do.

He was told by Lloyd's staff that because he wasn't a Lloyds customer, all he could do was contact his own bank, NatWest.

When he went back outside, Mr Jameson found a queue of people waiting to use the cashpoint.

He said: "I told the staff inside that they must put up a sign to tell people that the cashpoint isn't working so that no one else loses any money.

"I had to stand there for ten minutes telling people to stop using the machine before someone came out to put a sign out.

"When I contacted NatWest, they said it would take three days to investigate.

"I am lucky that I only tried to get £20, but I am worried for people who tried to get much more out, and then ended up with no money for days."

On Tuesday, NatWest refunded the money into Mr Jameson's account.

Lloyds Bank have confirmed a technical error with their cashpoint in Farnworth. They said that staff were unable to leave the building to put up a sign right away because they had customers inside the branch, however they addressed the situation as soon as possible.

A spokesperson for Lloyds said: "We are aware of a technical error affecting our ATM in Farnworth. We apologise for any customers impacted by this, but would like to reassure them that all customers will be reimbursed at the earliest possible opportunity if the ATM does not dispense cash correctly."