BUSINESS was sure to burn brightly when WRPS Ltd was founded on November 5, 2007 by partners Barry and Diane Grime of Westhoughton.

They started with the dream of having a thriving and successful company, and now 10 years later they are able celebrate it becoming a reality, with more than 100 staff and an annual turnover in excess of £6 million.

As the roofing contracting business grew, the owners saw the need to recruit additional labour resources to assist in the ever-growing demand from clients, so much so that in February, 2010 they acquired premises at Cale Lane, Wigan, where they were able to establish further contacts with building contractors, undertaking sub-contracting works, which included a variety of brickwork projects.

As the sub-contracting partnerships proved to be successful, the owners turned their vision to offering contractors and clients a more in-depth service to include roofing, PVC works and soon after introduced a scaffolding service.

With these expansions taking place, the company began to employ staff to help deliver the services. In 2010, a contracts manager was employed to oversee and liaise with other contractors and clients to develop the company further, soon to be followed by a scaffold manager.

As the company continued to expand, larger premises were required but unfortunately, sufficient space was not available to enable the expansion under one roof, so the owners acquired offices at Rosebridge Court, Wigan and a scaffold yard on Horwich Loco Works.

Since then the company has managed to secure and successfully deliver several principal contracting partnerships and frameworks throughout the North West and achieving high satisfaction from clients.

With these achievements it has led to the employment of operations managers, commercial managers, health and safety managers, site managers and customer liaison officers, who help deliver projects from start to finish.

Last year, Barry and Diane took a step back from their original roles but are still involved with the overall running of the company, but leave the day to day running to the board of directors following internal promotions.

Early this year, due to the ever-expanding size of the business and the growing workload, it was decided that the company needed to relocate again, this time incorporate both administrative and operational parts of the business.

This was completed in August, and the company has now moved all operations under one roof to now be based on Wingates Industrial Estate, Westhoughton.

WRPS prides itself with bringing added value to its projects. Each project delivered is not only seen as an opportunity to gain work, but to make a difference to the community, such as charitable donations, from providing sports equipment to local schools, and loaning scaffolding wagons to help with carnival floats.

WRPS is well and truly and established in the building industry, with a fleet of 50 vans and 15 scaffold wagons. WRPS is a familiar sight on the roads of the North West and has provided employment over the years which has benefited the local economies.

A company spokesman said: “Fortunately there does not appear any decline in the company’s fortunes, so we hope to continue to progress. Here’s to the next 10 years!”