THIS is the factory where thousands of advertising screens seen all across the UK and Europe are made – and it’s right here in Bolton.

The state-of-the art screens are assembled by Amscreen, at Wingates Industrial Estate in Westhoughton, while the company’s headquarters are based at nearby Paragon Business Park.

Over the past 12 years the business has supplied some 15,000 indoor screens, seen at petrol stations and shops all over the UK and the continent.

And recently they switched their focus to outdoor screens, supplying them for the 350 hi-tech New World Payphones for the media giant Clear Channel – six of which are in our borough.

Simon Sugar, the firm’s CEO, and son of Lord Alan Sugar, says that Clear Channel is as much a partner as a customer, and the two organisations are effectively ‘married’ to one another.

Amscreen recently entered into a new Europe-wide deal with Clear Channel international to extend the partnership, which has seen it deliver more than 2,500 displays in the UK.

And it also partners with Vodafone, which provides the connectivity between the screens and Amscreen’s remote monitoring and support.

Mr Sugar says the company’s continuing success is down to the talent and dedication of its Bolton-based team.

He said: “It’s great that it’s a success story for Bolton. Everyone asks why we’re based in Bolton, but that’s where the people are, that’s where the skills are, we have our set-up there.”

He adds that around 95 per cent of the firms staff are from the Bolton area.

“It’s a team effort, he said. “What we do is quite niche and sometimes need to bring in certain skillsets not available locally.

“But we try to promote from within and train guys up and, if they’re up for the role we promote people, that’s our focus.”

The company’s progress from monitoring vending machines to its place at the forefront of the digital advertising market is a source of pride for all involved.

Mr Sugar said: “Everyone feels proud, first and foremost it’s a team effort.

“Ever since we launched the digital screens we’ve realised what we have done. People are seeing their own work when they go and visit their local Sainsbury’s or Asda, that’s really nice.

“And people are seeing outside bus-stops and in key locations. Everyone feels proud and we are seeing more and more out there now and it’s a great team effort.”

The company is also keen use local suppliers where it can.

“It makes sense to support local trade and for keeping our lead times down as much as possible,” said Mr Sugar.

And Mr Sugar says the company seems well placed to go from strength to strength over the coming years.

He said: “The future is looking good as long as we remain competitive and keep supplying good quality products – which we will – we see a really exciting future and hope there’s only going to be growth.

“It’s not easy – if it was, everyone would be doing it – it’s difficult. But with the right staff and management we are confident. We’re in a good place at the moment.”