Business of the week – 250 to 300 words

It has been estimated that up to 15 million people in the UK could be living with eczema. Information shows that in 2015, GPs in England wrote about 27 million prescriptions for the topical agents used in the treatment of atopic dermatitis (eczema) at a cost of approximately £169 million -

Dave, a director of Soapy Skin, is one of those people who suffered with eczema. It was due to his frustration in not being able to find a product that would ease his skin condition, that compelled him to work tirelessly to create his own solution. When he created a product that worked for him, he wanted to share it with others. In sharing the product with others, they too could experience the benefits of using natural handmade products using ethically sourced ingredients. The Goats Milk Honey Soap has now won two awards, one in 2016 for the best natural soap. This July, we travelled down to London to receive a silver award in the Problem Skin category of the National Free From Awards. The product was tested by people with skin problems, before going before a judging panel. We realised this was not going to be easy and were utterly thrilled to receive the recognition for a product that can make a difference.

We are an independent family run business that has progressed from creating products at the kitchen table, to opening a shop in November of this year (with our workshop attached) on Bath St, Bolton. We have extended our range of products to include shampoo bars, bath salts, bath bombs, shower steamers, bath oils, body oils and body scrubs.

If you are looking for natural products for sensitive skin, handmade ethical products, products that are suitable for Vegans, or gifts for Christmas then we would love you to come in and browse our shop. If you bring this article along with you, we will offer you a 10% discount off all our natural handmade products.