A MAN who made a teenager pregnant while he was a private hire driver was refused a taxi licence because of concerns over his history of violent and inappropriate behaviour.

Police were called when the man grabbed his daughter by the throat and threatened to burn her with an iron and throw acid at her, Bolton Council's licensing sub-committee was told.

The applicant, who cannot be named, stormed out of the meeting when his application was refused last month, saying: "You can keep your licence and I will now claim JSA."

His previous private hire taxi licence was suspended by the council in August, 2013 and it then lapsed in September, 2013.

The committee heard how since then there had been a number of convictions and police intelligence about inappropriate behaviour.

His licence was suspended in 2013 because of allegations 'concerning the applicant acting inappropriately towards a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy whom he had met while a private hire driver'.

He had engaged in a relationship with the girl and she became pregnant by him. A child protection plan was put in place and her offspring was placed in the care of the local authority.

The sub-committee did not believe the applicant's claim that the girl had been 17 and a half.

Other concerns included:

November 27, 2011 police cautioned the man for Section 47 assault after he had punched his wife.

August 14, 2013 police responded to a 999 call at the family home where the applicant had allegedly chased his daughter into the garden and 'grabbed her by the throat and threatened to burn her face with an iron and throw acid at her'. He was later charged by police.

September, 2013 a 999 call was made stating the applicant was threatening to kill his wife. He was later charged and on September 27, 2013 he appeared at Bolton Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to the offences and on October 11, 2013 he was sentenced to 15 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months.

December, 2013 he was jailed after breaching an order relating to the suspended sentence that prohibited him contacting his wife or attending the family home.

January 17, 2017 a 999 call was made regarding inappropriate behaviour by the applicant at a late-night pharmacy where he used to work. He told a member of staff: "You need to watch your back, you. You might be dead tomorrow." No further action was taken because the victim did not wish to pursue the matter.

March 9, 2017 a 999 call was made after the man grabbed his daughter by the head and banged it three times into a wall.

He was charged with common assault and pleaded guilty and was handed a community order.

May 1, 2017 he was stopped while driving a vehicle and admitted having no insurance and the vehicle was seized.

When questioned by the licensing sub committee members, the applicant tried to minimise the violent conduct and dismissed the incidents either as a family or staff matter.

However, the sub-committee found there to be a 'pattern of violent and aggressive behaviour together with inappropriate behaviour towards young people'.

Minutes from the meeting state: "Such behaviour is unacceptable for a licensed private hire driver. Furthermore, the sub-committee were concerned that the applicant clearly has anger management problems."

In a separate case, the sub-committee revoked the licence of a taxi driver because he had a caution for battery and there was police intelligence of other alleged offences.

The driver received a caution for battery on August 9, 2013 when he admitted pushing his wife, although he claimed she pushed him back.

He failed to declare the caution on application forms submitted for the renewal of the licence dated December 19, 2013, February 2, 2015 and March 10, 2016 and also made a false declaration.

The committee heard police concerns that the driver is not a fit and proper person to hold a private hire licence.

It is alleged that while working as an ice cream man in July, 2008 the driver assaulted a customer when he grabbed a child by the arm and pulled him towards the counter.

It is also alleged he said "prove that you're a boy, show me your willy" to a customer, the committee was told.

The matters were referred to the Crown Prosecution Service, but no further action was taken due to the victim's age and inconsistencies in the accounts.

The driver denied both allegations, but the sub-committee did not believe him.

In April 3, 2010 when the driver is alleged to have punched an ice cream trader in the face and threatened to stab him 'if he came here again'.

No further action was taken because there were no witnesses.

When the applicant was was an ice cream man he is alleged to have slammed the window shut, trapping a child's finger and called the victim 'a stupid bitch'.

The matter was reported to the police but was not taken further.

The driver denied this at the sub-committee and said he had not been the driver involved.

Councillors did not find this credible following consideration of police information and photographs showing the child's injuries.

On April 12, 2012 there was a report of assault which involved punching a neighbour in the face but the victim did not wish to take the matter further.

The sub-committee found there to be a pattern of inappropriate violent and aggressive behaviour and revoked the licence.