A PERSONAL trainer has hit the new year running after moving into new premises that are more ‘fit for purpose’

Chris Bramah is now operating from a fitness studio at Nortex Mill, Chorley Old Road where he holds classes to help people achieve their fitness goals.

The 33-year-old has relocated from Markland Hill Lawn Tennis Club where he has run sessions since 2014.

But while he is thankful for the start the Heaton gym gave him, he says that his new fitness studio gives him far more freedom.

He said:”My class has been running for four years but I was kind of growing out of the place I was at, I was really restricted.That’s the reason I have tried to find a unit where I can do everything I want, that’s the whole purpose of going here.

“I’ve got tons more equipment. At the tennis club I used a squash court of about half the size.I had to be very careful but here I can do whatever I want - climb ropes up to the ceiling or slam balls into the floor as hard as I like.”

And Chris, who writes a regular fitness column in The Bolton News, says he was ‘chuffed to bits’ with how his first bootcamp class went last week.

He said: “I was using slam balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, you name it, I could use it, whereas at the other place I couldn’t.”

And Chris, who worked as a retail manager for 10 years before making the switch to professional fitness training, says he is committed to helping clients achieve their fitness targets - whatever they may be.

He said: “It can be everything from rehab from injury, new year’s resolutions, weight loss, gaining muscle strength or even training for Ironman. Sometimes it’s just pure stress relief, I train a lot of people who have very high powered jobs.”

Chris runs his ‘boot-camp’ at 7pm on Wednesdays, over-50s classes at 11am on Fridays and a mums and babies group, on Fridays at 10am.

Visit hityourfitnesstarget.co.uk or call Chris on 07933 779858.