FEELING a bit down today? Well you’re not the only one according to pseudoscientists, who claim that today – the third Monday in January - is the most depressing day of the year.

It's not all doom and gloom, however, as Yates in Bradshawgate are offering a number of deals on a range of drinks included in its ‘Blue January’ 2-for-1 offer.

The offer is available when customers order anything blue, which includes a range of products from WKD Blue and shots of Sourz Tropical to Blue Moon, Brewdog Punk IPA and 25ml Bombay Sapphire.

For those doing dry January, the offer also includes alcohol-free Becks Blue.

For more information visit www.weareyates.co.uk.

One utilities provider is also hoping to help fight the Blue Monday gloominess and assist Bolton customers out of debt with the launch of two new financial support schemes.

The schemes unveiled today by United Utilities, at the first North West Affordability Summit in Liverpool, aim help customers behind on their water bills, and to ensure customers are debt free within two years. 

Bringing together organisations from across the region, including utilities, local authorities, credit unions, foodbanks, housing associations and charities, the summit discussed ways to support people struggling to make ends meet.

Louise Beardmore, customer service director at United Utilities, said: “From our point of view, if customers are struggling with water bills, they are likely to be struggling to pay most of their household bills, so this is collective challenge to see what more we could all be doing to help and support people.

“We already offer a wide range of financial assistance schemes to support our most vulnerable customers, but we are challenging ourselves to improve the scale and effectiveness of the support we offer. 

“We also know lots of customers may be unaware of what we do or feel unable to reach out for the help.

“Coming together with others who can likewise support customers and encourage them to access the help available is important for getting people out of poverty and back on track.”

Intended to help households in the North West, home to more than half of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK, the affordability summit has received the support of many prominent figures, including Big Issue founder Lord John Bird and Labour MP Angela Eagle.

Angela Eagle MP said: “Many people across the North West are struggling to stay up to date with their bills and any additional help that can be given is so important. 

“It can make all the difference between having money to buy food or requiring help from a food bank.

“I am pleased United Utilities is holding the North West Affordability Summit and I look forward to taking part. 

“This is an important opportunity to discuss further ways to alleviate the problems of those facing financial hardship, which is particularly acute at this time of year.”

Under the United Utilities payment plus scheme for every £1 customers signed up to the plan pay off towards their debt, United Utilities will match it.

After six months the company's contribution will increase to £2 for every £1 the customer pays.

And after two years any remaining debt will be written off — guaranteeing customers will be debt free.

In response to the Universal Credit rollout, the company is also offering customers an up to eight-week payment suspension, to give them time to manage their budgets, if faced with a short-term reduction in household income caused by the transition over to Universal Credit.  

For more information about the schemes and other United utilities Financial assistance visit www.unitedutilities.com/difficulty-paying-bill