DESPITE the recession and the influx of cheap goods from abroad the attraction of bespoke furniture still holds sway in many Bolton households.

It means family-owned and Bolton-based Langley Interiors has survived the worst economic climate since the Second World War.

And the company, in Bradford Road, Great Lever, believes one secret of its success could be its policy of buying local.

It buys from local suppliers wherever possible, even changing suppliers when suitable local companies are found.

Marketing manager Gemma Bartholemew said: “We have been established for 42 years and we have always tried to buy local wherever possible.

“We use real wood veneers which we used to get from a company miles away until we found that a Bolton firm, Hillside Veneers, produces high quality veneers which are exactly what we want.

“We now source most of the glass we use in our furniture from River Street Glass, apart from some specialist glass.

“We will always back Bolton wherever we can as we are a Bolton owned company and have been since we were set up by Stanley Langley 42 years ago.”

Mrs Bartholemew said that many larger competitors assemble furniture from pre-made parts to keep costs low.

She added: “All our household furniture is made bespoke for the customer and we make high quality products which we are proud of.

“It’s the quality of our work and the loyalty of local customers which have helped us survive the tough times.”

Managing director Peter Langley added: “Lots of people think that the big companies are cheaper and better quality, but in reality it’s the customer who is paying for their large advertising campaigns in the cost of their furniture.

“Larger companies have to mass produce furniture and elements of it so that a bespoke fitted room will actually be lots of smaller pre-manufactured bits added together.

“At Langleys we are proud to still manufacture truly bespoke furniture as each piece is crafted individually for the customer to a unique design in their choice of finish and style.

“We pride ourselves in high quality, but people are usually pleasantly surprised at the actual cost of furniture.”