RESIDENTS are taking a stand against anti-social behaviour in their area by opening a community garden.

The Crompton Community Project was launched early this year in response to fly-tipping, dog fouling and other forms of anti-social behaviour.

Local people came up with the project which is now being developed by Bolton Community Development Partnership.

Residents have secured a green space in Kingsley Street, Halliwell, to transform into a focal point of the community.

Children will be set the challenge of coming up with a design in a competition to be launched next month.

Dr Oboh Achioyamane said: "This is a green space at the moment, and it is for the residents to decide what they want to turn it into and make it their own. There is quite a lot of enthusiasm for the project.

"With children being involved, their parents will also be involved and they are the residents in the area

"The best form of security in the area is knowing the people in the community, the police can support this, but by knowing people community there is a sense of responsibility. It is about tapping into existing strengths in the community."

Dr Achioyamane said: "This is not just a gardening project, it as place for the community to meet and socialise."

Bolton Community Development Project will be bidding for money to fund the project.

Dr Achioyamane said he expects the project to snowball in the community as more people get involved.