A BURGLARY victim was threatened with an axe after tracking down the raiders.

Wesley Bentley, aged 40, of Towers Avenue, Deane, and a 16-year-old youth stole a bike and laptop from a home in Ashton Street, Daubhill, with the help of an accomplice, on June 18 last year.

The victim, Jeffrey Openshaw, arrived to see the three burglars cycle off, one of them on his bike, before he went into his house and noticed his laptop was also missing.

Bolton Crown Court heard how he grabbed a phone and went to search for the burglars, finding the accomplice in Kirkebrok Road, Deane.

Mark Stephenson, prosecuting, said he confronted the man about the burglary and they both walked to Bentley’s Towers Avenue home.

“When he got there Mr Openshaw asked Mr Bentley for his bike and laptop,” said Mr Stephenson.

“He called 999 and Mr Bentley came out of the address carrying an axe and threatening Mr Openshaw.”

The police later arrested Bentley and the youth and Mr Openshaw’s bike and laptop were recovered.

The pair pleaded guilty to burglary.

Wayne Goldstein, defending Bentley, said: “While this defendant has a dreadful criminal record, he has not burgled since 1991 or 1992.

“His last sentence was in 2002 and there has been nothing since he was released from custody. He has turned his life around and he voluntarily presented himself to the community drugs team for rehabilitation. He has managed to start a business, which is doing well.

“There is an element of two steps forward and one step back. Prison would be a big step back for a man who really did start to show some promise.”

Mark Friend, defending the teenager, said: “His adolescence has not been ideal.

“It is clear that he has made good progress since he committed this serious offence.”

Judge Richard Gioserano sentenced Bentley to two years in prison and the 16-year-old to a two-year youth rehabilitation order.

He said: “Mr Openshaw came back that night in the early hours of the morning and found the two of you and one other person in the process of burgling his home.

“He bravely did what he could to catch one of you and he did and he tried to find the others involved and was met with aggression.The confrontation was in the street and it was distressing for him.”