MINDLESS vandals smashed up three private hire taxis causing around £2,000 and leaving drivers out of pocket and unable to work.

Windows were smashed, paintwork as scratched and wing mirrors were damaged on the vehicles when they were parked in Horwich over the past two weekends.

All the cars belonged to Triple Zero private hire, based in Winter Hey Lane.

The first two were parked in the car park in Canada Street overnight between Saturday, January 13 and Sunday, January 14.

One was a Toyota Avensis and the other was a Ford Focus and both vehicles had windows smashed or cracked by the vandals.

The third vehicle, another Avensis, was hit when it was parked in Harrison Street, near the Triple Zero office in Winter Hill Lane between Sunday and Monday this week.

The back and side windows was also damaged on this and the wing mirror had been pulled off.

Tripe Zero owner, Gary Loftus, estimated that around £2000 worth of damage had been done to the cars and had left them out of service meaning drivers could not get out in them.

He said: "It all means that we have got three drivers that have not worked this weekend. They have been off for probably four or five days.

"It is just mindless vandalism. There is no reason whatsoever for it. It is absolutely ridiculous.

"We are looking at £1,500 to £2,000 minimum to have them all repaired. The drivers have probably lost another £1,500."

Anyone with information is asked to contact 101.