A DRIVER was caught hiding under restaurant tables after attempting to escape police.

Devontay Seaton had been spotted driving an Audi in High Street, Great Lever, but refused to stop before abandoning the car in Edgar Street and fleeing into nearby Perito's restaurant on Derby Street.

But members of the public alerted police to his presence and he was arrested.

Seaton, aged 21, of Littlebrooke Close, Tonge Moor, denied dangerous driving and driving whilst banned but was convicted by a jury following a trial earlier this month.

Seaton was already subject to a suspended prison sentence for dangerous driving when he got behind the wheel of an Audi on April 12 2016.

The jury heard that on that day police had received reports of an Audi being driven erratically and, at 7.40pm, spotted a blue car fitting the description in High Street.

Police turned around their car to follow it, but Seaton accelerated in a bid to get away, veering over the carriageway to avoid the pursuing police car.

Another police vehicle was in Peabody Street attending a separate incident when Seaton turned into the street, almost collided with it and mounted the pavement, before driving on.

At the junction of Bridgeman Street and Fletcher Street Seaton drove through a red traffic light before speeding on at about 50mph in a 30mph limit and into Edgar Street, where he ran from the hired Audi after abandoning it.

After he was found attempting to hide in the restaurant police found the Audi's car key in his pocket and a search at the police station revealed he had a small bag of cannabis hidden in his boxer shorts.

At Seaton's sentencing hearing Robert Lancaster, defending, appealed to Judge Timothy Stead not to ban the defendant from driving for an overly long time.

"In the past he has made real efforts to drive legally and hopes to do that again in the future," he said.

The judge sentenced Seaton to a three month community order during which he will be electronically tagged and subject to an 8pm to to 6am curfew for 82 days.

He is also banned from applying for a driving licence for two years.

"I do hope this is the last time we see you here," the judge told Seaton.