A SHOPKEEPER was confronted by an armed robber wielding a large kitchen knife.

The man demanded £500 in cash from the till but fled the scene when the panic button was pressed.

Andrew Coward was working in Bargain Booze, in Winter Hey Lane, Horwich at around 10.20pm on Thursday when the raider entered the store.

At first, the shopkeeper did not see the youth come in the shop but when he looked up he saw him approaching the counter with the knife.

The man demanded £500 and knocked some flapjacks off the counter before again demanding money.

Mr Coward said the man did not point the kitchen knife which was around six to eight inches in length, at him but kept it held out to the side.

Mr Coward, aged 37, hit the panic button and called to his colleague who was at the back of the store. At that, the youth ran out of the shop.

He described the man as around 18 to 25 years- old and said he had his hood up with it closed around his face.

The man was wearing dark trousers and a dark jacket.

Mr Coward contacted the police yesterday morning to report the incident and he said they told him they would come to look at the CCTV.

He said: “I have never had anything like that happen before. You get kids messing about. At the moment anti-social behaviour in Horwich is shocking but I have not heard about anything with weapons.

“I just wanted other businesses to be aware of it and to be careful.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.