RESIDENTS in a Breightmet street have been targeted by vandals slashing their car tyres.

Around eight cars on Glencoe Drive had between two and four of their tyres slashed on Maundy Thursday night.

John Hughes and his wife Sue, who have lived in the street for three years, had all four tyres slashed on their Mercedes E and M Class vehicles.

Mr Hughes, a self employed sales man, said: "We both came out yesterday morning and my wife said "You've got a flat tire."

"But when we looked I had two flat tyres, so I thought I had two punctures but I really had four.

"I would guess it was just a drunk idiot or a kid on their way home.

"They have obviously done it with something like a dart, so it has made a very slow puncture."

Vandals had only target cars parked on the western side of the road, and had largely avoided going up driveways.

Mr Hughes said: "At first we were quite concerned because we thought it was just our cars.

"But when we realised it was the whole street it was a bit of a relief, because we haven't got any enemies. But it makes you think.

"The couple over the road has CCTV cameras but there was nothing on them.

"We are fairly lucky because we have got two cars, so I have managed to get mine new tyres costing £100, so at least we have one over the bank holiday.

"But if you only have one car then you're knackered, and a lot of places are shut for the bank holiday."

Another resident, Adele Harbour, who works as a care worker, also had her tyres slashed.

She said that the vandalism had forced her to have pump up her tyres as she moved between clients on Good Friday.

Several other residents on the street who hadn't been affected by the vandals admitted they were alarmed.

George Banks, aged 69, who has lived in the street for 13 years, had been warning people in the street about what has happened following the incident.

He said: "I'm certainly alarmed. There's no police so people can do what they want.

"It's usually pretty quiet, but now and again we get something like this, and it always happens when the kids are off school."

However, Mr Hughes said that he had never known any other problems like this in the area, but added that they have never seen an police officer on the beat in the street.

He said: "It would be nice to see a bit of a police presence around here every once in a while. A couple of bobbies on the beat. We used to see it but we don't now."