POLICE are investigating a suspected road rage incident after a driver threw an object at a car window before fleeing the scene.

The alleged incident happened outside the White Lion pub in Westhoughton on Saturday night when one car pulled in front of another before slamming on its brakes.

After both cars had stopped, one person from the first vehicle got out and is alleged to have thrown an object at the windscreen of the other vehicle.

The offending driver then drove away.

There had been reports on social media of a car-jacking but a spokesman from Greater Manchester Police said there had been no reported attempt to take the car and it was being treated as a public order offence.

He said the incident had been reported to police at just after 7.40pm that day.

He added: “A driver has pulled in front of the victim and slammed their brakes on.

“They then got out and threw something at the car windscreen before taking off. The crime has been reported and is being treated as a Section 4a public order offence.”

Anyone who has any information on the incident, which happened close to the junction of Market Street and Bolton Road, is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.