A TAXI driver has been found guilty of deliberately swerving into a cycling policeman.

A jury at Bolton Crown Court heard how Ivor McAiney was having a hot drink as he drove his private hire Astra car in Market Street, Farnworth, at 6.40am on April 16 last year.

Adam Lodge, prosecuting, told the court that DC Adam Gleave was also on the road, cycling to work in Farnworth, when he was forced to brake by McAiney who, cup in hand, performed a u-turn in front of him.

DC Gleave pointed at the motorist, indicating he should watch where he was going, but further along the road McAiney drew level with the officer, wound down his window and shouted an obscenity at him.

The court heard he then jerked his steering wheel to the left, trapping the cyclist between the taxi and a parked car. DC Gleave banged on the Astra to get McAiney to stop.

McAiney drove off and the cycle toppled over, with DC Gleave’s feet still clipped into the pedals. His wrists were bruised in the fall and his clothing and bike damaged.

Mr Lodge said the officer panicked, fearing he may be hit by following traffic as he lay in the road.

But he managed to get the model and partial number plate of the car and police arrested McAiney an hour later at the S and D taxi office.

McAiney, aged 52, of St Germain Street, Farnworth, denied assault causing actual bodily harm and dangerous driving but, following a two-day trial, a jury unanimously convicted him.

Judge Timothy Stead will decide whether McAiney should be jailed or not at a sentencing hearing on February 10 and granted him bail in the meantime.

“You should not read into that anything about the ultimate sentence,” he told McAiney.