A MUM has spoken of the terrifying moment when the pram carrying her baby girl collapsed as she crossed the road.

Laura Greaves was proudly stepping out with her one-year-old baby Lola-Jo in her Cosatto “Giggle” pram when the front bracket supporting the baby’s seat snapped.

Little Lola was not injured but Miss Greaves says she wants to warn other mums about the product — which the Farnworth-based manufacturer has admitted was part of a faulty batch.

The mum-of-two, of St Bartholomew Street, Great Lever, said: “I still haven’t recovered from the shock of what happened.

“I was crossing Trinity Street and the front of the frame snapped.

“Luckily, there was no traffic coming in either direction but it was still terrifying because I was in the middle of the road. We could have been killed.”

Miss Greaves, aged 25, bought the pushchair from the now-closed Baby House shop in the Market Place Shopping Centre a year ago.

Cosatto — in Bentinck Street, Farnworth — carried out repairs on the £390 pram within three days but Miss Greaves is still not happy.

She added: “They did repair the frame but I just don’t trust it any more. It’s my job as a mother to protect my child and I’m not sure this pram can do that.”


And it is not the first time Cosatto has come under fire for faulty Giggle prams.

In October, BBC One’s Watchdog programme scrutinised the pram — a three-in-one baby travel system that combines a carrycot for newborns and a pushchair for growing tots — after it attracted complaints from more than 20 viewers about how it collapsed unexpectedly.

Cosatto has since issued an apology about the product.

A spokesman for the company said: “We sincerely apologise to any customers who have experienced problems with their Giggle.

“Once we became aware of the problem we quickly identified that a small number of products from some of the first batches was affected. We corrected the problem on all subsequent products with an enhanced part.

“Our team is trying to contact customers with a Giggle from the identified batch numbers and is offering to collect their chassis, carry out the important enhancement, and return it free of charge with a three-day turnaround.

“If anyone has concerns about their Giggle, we would ask them to get in touch via our website or freephone helpline.

“We take product safety very seriously and work extremely hard to make sure all of our products deliver the highest standards of safety and reliability.

"This includes rigorous assessment and compliance testing above and beyond industry and statutory standards.”