BAGS of dog mess were left to rot in a Farnworth park when a bin was not emptied for three weeks.

The bags were left to pile up on the overflowing red bin in Harper Green playing fields, to the disgust of walkers in the area.

Bolton Council has now apologised.

Retired community care worker Evelyn Qureshi walks her dog Pippa around the playing fields most days, and said she was appalled by the state of the bin.

The 79-year-old, who lives in Openshaw Place, said: “It’s a mess. There’s dog bags on the floor and it’s been so full for three weeks now.

“I’ve walked as close as I can to try and put my bag in, but I’ve ended up having to bring it home.

“Everybody is complaining. It is unacceptable.” A council spokesman explained that the bin had been accidentally missed on a round of collections.

He said: “At the start of April, we changed the rotas for street cleansing and unfortunately it looks like this bin has been missed by the new team.

“We apologise for any upset to local residents and will be making sure it is emptied as soon as possible. It will then be emptied through the summer every week.”

In February, The Bolton News reported how dog fouling on the town’s paths and parks led to 1,800 complaints to the council.