PRIMARY school children had the chance to take a trip inside a giant inflatable brain as they learned that their grey matter matters.

New mental health service Healthy Minds UK visited St Peter’s CE Primary School in Farnworth to explain to pupils why it is important to look after their brains as well as their bodies.

Brother and sister team Andy Cameron and Kerry Barr, who founded the service, taught youngsters about the six different parts of the brain and what they are used for.

The big attraction for the children was The Brain Dome, a huge blow-up brain. Inside, blue lights dance around representing neurons and brain-stimulating music is played.

The sessions were part of the service’s #BeYou Primary School project.

Mr Cameron, education manager, said: “We want the kids to think about their brain even if they think ‘I’ll drink more water’ or ‘I’ll take more exercise’.

“People think about their physical health, things like their heart and lungs, and we want to put mental health and thinking about the brain on a par with that.”

He continued: “It’s about engaging young people and getting them to think about the brain and making better choices.

“In the future, if they get anxious they will have a healthy brain to deal with those issues — and it’s fun as well.”

Ms Barr, creative manager, said the response from the children had been really positive.

She said: “It’s been fantastic, they loved it. They had fun and learned new things about the brain.”

Lynn Williams, headteacher at St Peter’s, added: “When Andy and Kerry approached me about this new project I said St Peter’s was the ideal school to make the launch. We are very much about supporting new businesses and also learning how we learn. Mental health and wellbeing is definitely something we want to promote.”

Schools that want to book a session should email