AN ABUSER who targeted a child is beginning a nine year prison sentence.

Following a four day trial at Bolton Crown Court, Colin Cambray was found guilty of five counts of indecently assaulting a girl in the early 2000s.

He had denied touching the child but the jury heard how, on several occasions, he interfered with her private parts and made her perform a sex act on him.

The jury heard how, in one incident, Cambray had been watching pornography showing oral sex then took off the girl’s lower clothing and abused her.

He warned her not to tell her mother and claimed it was “sex education”.

Members of Cambray’s family wept in the public gallery as he was jailed.

Simon Blakebrough, prosecuting, revealed how 47-year-old Cambray’s victim changed from being a “bubbly” child to being withdrawn and suffers from mental health issues as a result of his abuse.

“Her personal life and her mental health has been profoundly affected by what happened to her,” said Mr Blakebrough.

In a statement read in court the victim said: “I was a happy child and I feel robbed of my childhood.

“He shows no signs of being sorry for what he has done.”

Alison Mather, defending, stressed that the offences committed by Cambray happened several years ago and, since then, there has been no reoccurance.

Jailing Cambray, of Carnation Road, Farnworth, Recorder Abigail Hudson told him him he had been aggressive and a bully.

“When you live your life as a bully you run the risk of someone standing up to you,” she said.

“That is exactly what (the victim) has done.”

She added that the girl’s statement made very distressing reading.

“These are offences which, inevitably, have had a profound effect on her,” added Recorder Hudson.