A BUSY residential road will be closed for up to a week for long-delayed resurfacing work.

George Street, in New Bury, Farnworth, has been in need of repair for more than a year and Bolton Council has now confirmed work is to take place from next Monday.

Farnworth ward councillor Jean Gillies said the ‘essential’ road repairs had been held up due to financial constraints.

She said: “About 13 months ago I drove down George Street and thought ‘oh my god’ this road is really bad’. It’s taken a while because of money cuts. It’s budgets again we’re just short of money, there’s not a bottomless pit.”

Cllr Gillies, who compiled a list of affected roads, including Bridgewater Street, added: “It’s just a mess, it’s a busy road, and so is Tennyson Road. I’ve been pushing and pushing and they’re finally doing it on George Street.”

She continued: “But it’s not just Farnworth. With my singing job I drive all over the country, and in Liverpool it’s horrendous.”

Cllr Gillies arranged for an emergency inspection of Bridgewater Street last week after becoming worried about the ‘terrible’ state of the road near a care home.

She added: “My concern is Maxton House, which is primarily for people with dementia.

“If they’re not able-bodied they use walkers when they cross the road. If they go into one of those crevices there could be a nasty accident. It needs sorting.

“It’s worrying for anyone using the road, but particularly people from Maxton House who might not be 100 per cent light on their fee.

“I do know the council put it through as urgent works.”

Cllr Gillies added that while some potholes had been patched up temporarily, it is not possible to do that with larger craters.

“They can’t just fill them in temporarily now, because the crevices area so wide now, it needs a complete resurface.

George Street will close between 9am and 3.30pm from Monday, January 15.

However, Highways chiefs are hopeful the work will be completed in under seven days.