PLANS to build 13 new homes on a ‘cherished green space’ have been branded ‘preposterous’.

Housing provider Bolton at Home has applied for planning permission for 10 bungalows and three terraced houses on land known as Dean Close Green, in Farnworth.

The proposed 1.17 hectare site, accessible from Dean Close, Cherry Tree Avenue and Watson Road, would cover about half of the green.

Bolton at Home says the development will contribute to the borough’s housing need and have ‘positive impact’ on the area.

But many residents are opposed to the loss of a much-loved green space they have enjoyed for years.

Cllr Sue Haworth, ward councillor for Harper Green, said she was pleased affected households had received letters as part of a formal consultation.

But she said Dean Close Green was not the right place to build new homes.

She said: “The notion that, because there’s a need for new housing in the borough, small and medium sized pretty green areas at the centre of Bolton and Farnworth’s cul-de-sacs should be built on is preposterous”

Cllr Haworth continued: “It is a very nice area, a lovely green plot between Dean Close and Cherry Tree Avenue that is enjoyed very much.

“Obviously a lot of these residents would prefer it not to built on. The majority of residents are going to say they would rather not have that property built there.It’s very important we keep some green space. In urban areas people need it for their wellbeing. We don’t want people to have to live in an environment where there’s no green area whatsoever.

And Cllr Howarth said residents would ideally like an alternative site to be found for the new homes not based on greens close to residential cul-de-sacs.

She continued: “It’s a very cherished green area. We have others almost the same size as Dean Close , but none of the people would want properties on them because it’s such a nice environment to live .

“And of course children can play there, the community doesn’t want to lose it."

A Bolton at Home spokesperson said: “To live in an affordable and quality home remains beyond the reach of far too many people in Bolton, Greater Manchester and across the country. We are doing what we can to address the housing crisis. This development of 13 properties, including 10 bungalows for older people, will help to strengthen the supply of homes for people with different needs and it will be on a site already identified for new housing in Bolton Council’s allocation plan.”