RESIDENTS are calling for help to clean-up their fly-tipping blighted street.

People living in St Germain Street, in Farnworth, say the area is ‘a disgrace’ and they want Bolton Council to step in to improve their environment.

The ginnel behind he street is often littered with all types of rubbish, including tyres, bin bags, and trolleys.

Householder Donna Chambers said: “I have had enough, we have had rubbish all across here and I’m constantly ringing the council about the ginnel.

“It’s an absolute mess.

“A neighbour moved out and left a mattress and it took them three or four weeks to move it. We don’t want rats but it’s not fair on my husband, Paul, having to go out there and clean it all up.

“It even gets flooded so my husband has to go to the grid and get stuff out of it.

Mrs Chambers says because the area to side of her terrace is unadopted the council will not come out clean it up.

She said: “I hope something will be done, even if they do something like the other ginnel which has been tarmaced and cobbled.”

And the mum-of-one believes the area has been used as dumping ground for so long, fly-tippers think it is acceptable to throw their rubbish there.

She said: “It looks so horrible, people think they will just dump things there, they don’t bother.

“We never see them, there are no lights out there, if they put some lighting up, it might help a bit. A neighbour was asking about CCTV, but I can’t afford that and it shouldn’t be my responsibility.”

Another resident, who asked not to be named said the whole area was ‘absolutely disgusting’ and was having a ‘massive’ impact on her quality of life.

She said: “I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and the whole area is getting me down, it’s depressing, you go out and see it looking a mess.

“Further down St Germain Street, near Heaton Avenue are a load of couches I have reported on numerous occasions and nothing has ever been done. The whole area is an absolute disgrace. I just want to see it looking nicer and be proud of where I live.