THE borough’s newest political party has been accused of hypocrisy as a by-election battle continues to heat up.

Farnworth and Kearsley First put up a gazebo to campaign in support of Paul Sanders, candidate for the vacant Farnworth ward councillor seat.

Mr Sanders and his supporters set up stall in Brackley Street on Saturday, to take their message to voters.

The party had previously been denied permission to use the spot for campaigning by Bolton Council. And they accused Labour of ‘double standards’ after unearthing a picture showing they had used the area to campaign ahead of last year’s general election.

The ‘Fexit’ party admits it did not ask for permission to use Brackley Street at the weekend.

And Jean Gillies Labour ward councillor for Farnworth has now hit out at the party, which was officially recognised by the electoral commission in September.

She said: “After all the kicking off they did, they have done one themselves. I thought they were prim and proper, they are the biggest hypocrites going. I know we got told we could not used it any more, there were to be no political activities there.”

But Mr Sanders said: “I’m sure Jean would appreciate we are in full by-election mode. I think this claim of hypocrisy against us is more about Labour and Jean realising they missed a golden opportunity on Saturday.

“We were able to engage with residents of Farnworth and the response has been mind-blowing. We obviously had the foresight to meet the people of Farnworth on a cold but sunny day.”

Farnworth by-election will take place on March 8.