OBJECTIONS have been made against plans for a temporary car park, submitted after delays in demolishing the old Horwich Leisure Centre.

Bolton Council has proposed to use a former contractor’s compound in Old Station Park, Horwich, for 82 spaces for a period of 12 months.

The planning statement said the funding for the demolition of the old leisure facility, which is to be turned into a health centre, has been delayed.

But Horwich Town Council has come out against the proposal, with several members concerned that they would be losing part of Old Station Park for good if Bolton Council decided to make it permanent.

One of those opposed to the application is town mayor Cllr Steve Rock, who said: "When the original plans came in they did say they would use a bit of Old Station Park contractors.

"But I have always been concerned about that along with the reduced size of the leisure centre and I voted against it for these reasons.

"When the Loco Works is done we will probably add a third of the population again, so they needed something bigger in my opinion.

"What concerns me is the application is temporary for 12 months but I have the feeling that it will become permanent.

"The problem we are getting is that a lot of the streets are getting clogged up with people parking and I do understand that the problem is hard for residents.

"But I'm concerned about losing part of Old Station Park."

As the new leisure centre is due to open within the next month, the delay meant there would not be car parking available for users, which is why the council has applied to create the temporary car park.

Cllr Rock said he was also worried about the hold-up in the health funding.

He said: "I am very concerned about the delay because the doctors we have got at the moment are really overstretched."

As part of the plans for the parking spaces, located just off Drinkwater Lane, modifications would be made to provide public access on the footpath to Gresley Avenue.

As well as the 82 spaces, there would also be a further 50 around the site of the leisure centre, where disabled parking spaces would be created.

The car park would operated Monday to Friday from 5pm to 9pm and 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Cllr Ken Denton said: "There are quite a few people not happy about it and we are worried that it could be made a permanent car park.

"My view is that it is part of the park and I do not want it disappearing for a car park."

Bolton Council has been contacted for a response.