AN EIGHT-year-old girl has written a letter to Bolton Council asking if she can be the one to open the new Horwich Leisure Centre.

Lily Rowlands, a keen swimmer, wrote the heartfelt letter to the authority having watched the construction of the £10 million facility off Victoria Road since work began last year.

And according to mother Julie, the Chorley New Road Primary School pupil cannot wait to jump into the new 25m pool once the centre opens.

So, after a creative writing session at school, the youngster asked her mother if she could write to Bolton Council — and Mrs Rowlands agreed to deliver the letter for her.

The 41-year-old, who lives with her daughter, husband Anthony and son Deron in Crown Lane, said: “She really loves her swimming, she goes every week to the current leisure centre. She’s been watching the new one being built and is really excited about it. She can not wait to use it.

“So when she was doing creative writing at school, she came home and said she wanted to give it a go and I was really proud of her and said I would deliver it for her.

“We did get really emotional about it when we were writing the letter. They could say no to her I guess, but you never know.”

She also commented on her daughter’s beautiful handwriting and her own excitement of seeing the new leisure centre.

She added: “I can not wait for the parking to get back to normal. I think it is going to be great when we have such a new thing when the development is happening.”

The new leisure centre is nearly completed and is due to open before the end of the year with the old centre scheduled to be knocked down.

There will then be a new health and wellbeing centre and car park built at the site of the old leisure centre.

As well as the pool, it will offer a 100-piece gym with a free weights zone, a dance and fitness studio, workout classes and a sports hall.

Lily's letter reads: "I am writing to ask if I may be considered to help open the new Horwich Leisure Centre.

"My daddy and I go swimming every week and I can now swim in the deep end. I have become a pro.

"I have been watching the work men and ladies building the new place and I am so excited to go in the new leisure centre.

"Anyhow don't worry, you don't need to buy me a dress as I have plenty of pretty dresses in my wardrobe."