THE chairman of Bolton Wanderers has revealed that big music concerts could be coming back to the Macron.

Ken Anderson made the announcement as part of a question and answer session with Wanderers fans where they quizzed him on the current financial state of the club.

It would be the first time in years that big concerts have been played at the stadium, which has featured music heavyweights like Elton John, Coldplay, Oasis and Pink.

During the question and answer session on Tuesday night, Mr Anderson said: “The club is still losing money, around £5-6million, it has been covered by myself up to now.

“We are managing the club and bringing funds in, the commercial side of things is doing more, the hotel is doing well, but the club loses money and will do until we move up the league, I think.

“If more fans came in and we had 23,000 here — as we had against Peterborough, as opposed to 13,000 - then it would help to eradicate the loss. That is a key element in this club as well as the commercial side.

“For example, we are talking about bringing in a couple of concerts into the stadium next year.

"We haven’t had any for several years and if they come in, it brings substantial income. We are looking at every way, whether it will be hospitality, sponsorship, bums on seats – that’s the way we have got to be to bring up revenues.”

He said that the club had ‘talked about the concerts earlier’ and even suggested that it might not be called the Macron Stadium if the club was promoting the idea.

He added that it might end up being called the Bolton Wanderers Stadium.

He said: “Having looked at this in many roles for about 15 years, there are a catalogue of clubs who have lost money doing concerts. It depends on whether you do it as a venue hire or as a promoter.

“Experience tells us that you have to make sure you get it right. It’s very easy to lose money if the weather it like it is tonight or something goes wrong. It is the same for boxing matches, if you get a wet and windy night then it’s a problem.

“The reason we didn’t do it last year is that we were probably too late to the table. These things are usually booked a year ahead.

“Also, we have taken a long time thinking about how we would do it and make sure we don’t lose money.”