A BUSY main road has flooded this evening following prolonged rainfall throughout the day.

The downpour has resulted in difficulties for motorists travelling along Chorley New Road, in Horwich, close to Paragon Business Park

Motorists are currently still able to get through but people in the area have described the water as 'very deep' and reaching up to the bottom of car doors.

The flooding is reported to be causing tailbacks as far as Beehive Roundabout resulting in delays for drivers during the rush hour commute.

Dryfield Lane and the Bolton Road, cnear the old Squirrel pub are also reported to have been affected.

Residents say the road is often hit by flooding after heavy rain.

Commenting on the Horwich First Facebook page, Tracey McGrath said: "It happens every time it rains hard! It's been a lot worse than that."

Jason Tonge said: "Pathetic, been happening for years and no one is addressing the causes."

While Amber Louise Mayo added: "How many times has this happened now? It's the same every year."

A number of other posters also questioned how drains in the area will cope once extra houses are built.

Cllr Stephen Pickup, who himself lives in Chorley New Road, close to Beehive Roundabout said he had reported the problem to Bolton Council this evening.

He said: "Unfortunately it's a problem area, because you get all the water rushing down Claypool Road and particualry at this time of year with the leaves we have in the drains.

"It's a regular hotspot unfortunately. On Boxing Day a few years ago it was horrendous. You couldn't get out until the men had come out, the road was completely blocked.

"It has a history. At the moment it's passable, but it's not brilliant."

And responding to residents' remarks that the council should do more to keep drains clear he added: "When I was younger I remember grids used to get cleaned out on a regular basis .

"But unfortunately, due to the resources we have now, they are not done on such a frequent basis."

He continued: "It's a fair point residents make, but that's the reality of how things are now. And we have had a lot more bouts of heavy rainfall in a short periods of time and drains just can't cope with it.

"I'm not denying that if we could go out and clean the drains every week that the situation would be better, but it's just not realistic."

Concerns have also been raised that new housing developments planned for Horwich will only serve to make the situation worse.

Cllr Pickup said: "I'm not an engineer, so I don't know if it would make this particular situation worse.

"But there are issues, for example, in parks where trees help to protect against flooding and removing them and tarmacing can exacerbate the situation.

 "I don't know if that's a vaild point with this particular situation but, equally, residents will have their concerns and I understand that."