CALLS have been made to install a fence alongside a popular playing field to prevent children running into traffic.

Horwich town councillor Steve Chadwick has appealed for the fence to be put up alongside the Green Lane playing fields.

The request came after what Cllr Chadwick described as a number of 'near misses' when children have run out into the road.

The Lever Park Ward representative said: "There used to be a fence down in Green Lane close to the bus stop.

"It got taken down by Bolton Council maybe around 10 years ago and it was never replaced.

"Time after time we have had near misses with kids chasing their balls out into the road.

"There are kids playing football there and there is no fence. The amount of close calls is getting quite bad.

"It is not the child's fault because they are just chasing their ball and it is not the driver's fault. If that fence was there than that would resolve the problem of children running out into the road.

"It would be good to have barriers against the kerb so they can not go straight out but I think it is essential to get that fence replaced."

Cllr Kevin McKeon, Bolton Council member for Horwich North East, said the fencing was being discussed by the town council.

He said: "We are aware of residents' concerns particularly about the speed of traffic along Green Lane.

"We have put in 20mph markings on the roads and also jointly with Horwich Town Council put up signs warning drivers there is a playground."

A council spokesman said: “We were contacted by town councillors in 2016 and our highways team carried out a traffic survey which did not identify any significant issues.

“We also advised town councillors of a number of options if they wished to fund a fence to go around the field.”