A NURSING home's plan to create a building with three biomass boilers has been supported by councillors.

St Catherines Nursing Home in Queen Street, Horwich, has applied for planning permission to erect the structure to house the boilers and a pellet storage area.

According to a statement submitted with the application, the development would help the care home to 'slash' its carbon dioxide emissions and reduce its running costs.

The plans went before Horwich Town Council, which voted to recommend the application for approval during its meeting at the Public Hall on Thursday night.

Cllr Marie Brady, who represents Church Ward, said: "Biomass energy has been described as carbon neutral.

"I think it is a pretty good thing to be doing and I support it. The pellets will be made under very strict conditions.

"It is not like burning coal."

The planning application will be decided by the planning office at Bolton Council.

Anyone who wants to view the plans or make a comment on the application can do so by searching for reference number 02826/18 at bolton.gov.uk