People who stream their music via Spotify users are going to have to pay more for their music, as the streaming service announces it is hiking its subscription costs.

The price increase will affect premium subscribers in the UK and Europe, and will see costs rise by up to £2 per month.

Here’s what you need to know about the changes.

When will prices go up?

Spotify has confirmed that the price of its premium subscriptions in the UK will increase from 30 April.

However, the new prices will only affect new subscribers from the end of April. If you are already a Spotify subscriber, the new prices will come into effect from June instead.

Subscribers on the Premium Student, Premium Duo and Premium Family plans will all go up from the end of the month, with the Family tier to see the biggest change in costs.

The changes were confirmed by Spotify in an email sent out to Premium subscribers in the UK on 26 April.

How much will prices increase?

Depending on which plan you subscribe to, your monthly subscription fee is due to go up by either £1 or £2.

The cost of the Premium Student, Premium Duo and Premium Family plans will all increase by the following amounts:

Premium Student - rising from £4.99 per month to £5.99 per month
Premium Duo - rising from £12.99 per month to to £13.99 per month
Premium Family - rising from £14.99 per month to £16.99 per month

The price of the standard Premium subscription, priced at £9.99 per month, does not appear to be changing.

Users who are currently on a trial will be given one month on the current price plans when their trial ends, before the bill is increased in line with the new costs.

Why are prices increasing?

Spotify has said the price increase is to allow it to continue to bring “new content and features” to users.

However, it has been met with backlash from angry subscribers, who have taken to social media to criticise the move.

Twitter users wrote: “My price has increased by €3.00 (£2.60). Maybe if you were giving this extra money to the artists dear @SpotifyUK & @Spotify I wouldn't be so angry. A 20% increase is quite a hike! I'll be reconsidering my sub & may go back to buying physical media.”

“Spotify price increase? ok hello Apple music.”

“@Spotify apple music will be cheaper than your service once you increase my subscription price. Looks like I'll be switching. Especially as your payments to artists stink.”

“Well done @Spotify @SpotifyUK WIth all the hardship over the past few months, please reward my loyalty with an inflation busting 13.34% price increase!”

“@Spotify 13% increase in price. OK thanks for that I'm cancelling my family account.”

“13.3% price increase on Spotify Family plan from June. I’ll be expecting a live orchestra to magically appear in my front room when I press play.”

How to cancel your subscription

Users who are not happy with the changes can cancel their subscription at the new prices.

To do this, simply log into your Spotify account, go to ‘Your plan’, and select ‘change plan’.

Then scroll down to ‘Spotify Free’ and click ‘cancel premium’.

Your Premium will stay until your next billing date, after which your account switches to free.

You can still keep your playlists and saved music when your account is free.