People across the UK will be celebrating Bonfire Night this weekend with firework displays in gardens across the nation.

The annual celebration marks Guy Fawkes' failed attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605. 

416-years later, the tradition is still going strong as people prepare to gather around bonfires and watch fireworks once again

But as pretty as displays can be, some people will always take it too far.

What time can people set off fireworks until?

In England and Wales it is against the law to set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am.

There are certain exceptions to this under the Fireworks Regulations 2004, notably Bonfire Night being midnight and Diwali with cut off point of 1am.

New rules on fireworks in Scotland mean fireworks can only be used between 6pm and 11pm (or midnight on November 5) by the general public.

How to report anti-social behaviour on bonfire night

Neighbours breaking the law under the Fireworks Regulations would mean you are well within your rights to make a complaint.

Anti-social behaviour takes many forms including neighbourhood disturbances.

You can report any problems to your local council but if it is a one-off incident it may require you to contact police.

You can make a complaint online to your local police force, giving as much information as you can and police will assess your report and get in touch if they need further details.

When making a complaint you will need the following details ready:

  • location of the incident
  • description of what happened
  • when it happened
  • description of the people involved

You could also call 101 where your report will be dealt in the same way.

Remember to only call 999 in an emergency.