Dragon's Den viewers have gone wild over the alcohol-free beer Impossibrew.

Its founder Mark Wong, 24, entered the Den looking for £45,000 for a 10% stake in his business

Mark came over to the UK when he was 13 and started "studying alcohol professionally the moment he turned 18".

Due to his health, he was advised to stop drinking but didn't want to miss out on the experience that drinking gives, and so Impossibrew was born.

The 24-year-old also impressed the Dragons in the Den with Touker Suleyman describing him as "most credible 24-year-old that’s ever walked through those doors."

Unfortunately, he didn't win an investment but you can still get your hands on the light lager.

How to buy Impossibrew featured on Dragon's Den

The 0.5% "mood-enhancing" lager is meant to be relaxing without causing drowsiness plus it has nutritional value too.

The Impossibrew range is currently available on its website with prices starting at £2.50. 

You can shop the full range via the website - or if you see potential, Impossibrew is currently looking for investment too!