Cadbury has launched a new item and if you’re a fan of the brand’s Caramilk, you might want to try the newest addition to the range.

Cadbury Caramilk was a success when it launched last summer and now you can get your hands on Cadbury Caramilk Buttons in stores nationwide.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the chocolate, Caramilk is a golden blend of white chocolate and it has been newly developed for the UK and Ireland.

You’ll be able to find the 90g and 105g PMP (promotional price-marked packs) first and these will be followed by the 90g non-PMP version later this month.

The Bolton News: Cadbury Caramilk Buttons (Cadbury/Canva)Cadbury Caramilk Buttons (Cadbury/Canva)

Prices vary as retailers are able to make their own decision on the prices of the products but the recommended prices are as follows: Cadbury Caramilk Buttons 90g - £1.49 and Cadbury Caramilk Buttons 105g - £1.99.

Nancy Galvin, Brand Manager at Mondelez, said: “Cadbury Caramilk was such a successful launch in 2021, so we are incredibly excited to expand the range and introduce a new way for people to experience the unique and much loved Caramilk flavour.

“We can’t wait to see what Caramilk fans, and new customers alike, think of the latest addition to the Caramilk range. Watch this space for more new news on Caramilk later this year.”