Adele Roberts has issued a bowel cancer update after receiving treatment to tackle the tumour.

As reported by The Mirror, the Radio 1 DJ, 42, announced that she had been diagnosed with the condition on social media last year, with her having undergone treatment in recent months.

This included surgery to remove the tumour and more recently chemotherapy, with Roberts having been open about her experience since being diagnosed.

Along with her partner Kate Holderness, Roberts appeared on ITV's Lorraine programme to talk about her life since the diagnosis.

She said: "It was stage two and about to be stage three. It was nearly spreading to my liver, but they got it in time. I'm on chemotherapy at the moment and I'm living my life to the full now."

Lorraine asked: "Obviously having Kate by your side is hugely important. Could you both talk about everything that was going on? You could share that?"

Roberts replied: "When I first started to notice mucus when I would go to the toilet and then it was blood I would notice. I was speaking to Kate about it and at first we thought it was because I eat a lot of kale.

"I just didn't have cancer on my radar. I thought it could be IBS, but when it started to get more regular, Kate said you need to call the doctor."

Roberts also mentioned that her decision to change her "poor diet" has helped with her recovery and the main message she wanted to get across is that people should "take care" of themselves, encouraging them to "try and have balance in your life."