The UK is set to experience a heatwave over the next few weeks as temperatures are predicted to rise.

The Met Office is predicting the “hottest summer”, with up to five heat waves to be expected.

Forecasters said there is a “40 per cent chance” this summer “will be significantly hotter than average” with just a 10 per cent probability that temperatures will be cooler.

While this is great news for sun worshippers, many of us do not enjoy warm weather and spend these hot days just trying to cool down.

As summer inches closer, people have already begun stocking up on fans to prepare for the hot weather.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best desk and standing fans so you can keep your house nice and cool when the hot weather hits.

Fans to keep your house cool this summer heatwave

The Bolton News: Dyson Fan (AO)Dyson Fan (AO)

This standing Dyson fan will keep your home perfectly cool and chilled. It has 10 speed settings to choose from and it uses Air Multiplier technology to create a constant stream of air, so you won’t feel the choppy effect of standard fans.

This 10-inch desk fan is the perfect allrounder for those hot days. It has three speed settings with three blades creating a powerful breeze.

From B&Q, this white floor fan is just £15. The height is adjustable, allowing you to make the most of its oscillating breeze, with a top height of 16 inches.

The Bolton News: Fan (Canva)Fan (Canva)

This 31-inch tower fan has three power settings and an on/off timer between 10 and 60 minutes. It has a carry handle to help you easily move it from room to room and at just £30, is an incredibly affordable option.

This SmartAir fan is a 2 in 1 cooling fan and air purifier, cleaning the air around you. It has a touchpad control panel and a remote control that allows you to control the settings from the comfort of your seat.