Analysing and breaking down what music you listen to on Spotify is one of the best perks of the music streaming platform.

Whether it's through the end of year Spotify Wrapped or some other external service, users can’t get enough of any data that analyses your music tastes.

From revealing your most obscure artist to creating a pie chart of your tastes, there really are so many forms of data you can view your music.

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And for those who can't get enough of it, how about a music analyser based on star signs?

Yes, really.

What is Spotify Zodiac Affinity?

Zodiac Affinity is an external service that has been around for some time that lets you see five of your liked songs based on a chosen star sign.

There is no explanation for why the chosen songs work for each sign, so don’t expect any mystery to be cleared up, just enjoy the whacky data gathering of your favourite songs.

The service was created by developers José Javier Blázquez, Dulce Nombre María Artalejo Sacristán , Lucas Aranda La Hoz and Pablo Yuste Rodríguez-Escalona.

Spotify Zodiac Affinity Big Three

Users have been sharing on social media their ‘Big Three’. This refers to your three star signs: your sun, your moon and your ascending.

For each of these three star signs, Zodiac Affinity will reveal the 5 most relevant songs from your library.

To see what Zodiac Affinity says about your star sign, you can give it a go on the website here.