Tickets for comedian Peter Kay’s first tour in 12 years went on sale at 10am this morning (November 12) and saw a mass reaction.

As fans woke up extra earlier on Saturday morning in hopes of grabbing the gold dust tickets.

Many prepped and joined queues and waiting rooms to give themselves an extra chance, however, it seemed near impossible as many were met with the dreaded queue.

Seeing those that opted to use the popular ticket site, Ticketmaster, join a queue that reached more than 400,000.

Many were quick to jump to social media to share their experience as one fan of the comic wrote: “Not me still waiting in the queue for Peter Kay tickets knowing full well they’ve all sold out”

Whilst another shared: “The UK queueing for the Queen was just a practice run for the whole country sitting in a virtual queue for Peter Kay tickets.”

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Even Channel 5 news presenter Dan Walker shared his experience: “Trying to get Peter Kay tickets is like trying to get an appointment at the GP! “Please hold… there are currently 170,000 people ahead of you in the queue”.

However many also shared their anger at the system as they faced long queues and anticipated seeing tickets on resale sites.

One frustrated fan wrote: “Absolutely disgusting Peter Kay tickets on resale already ranging from £212 to £645 a ticket, this is what you get when they allow to buy 10 tickets at a time.”

Another wrote: “2 hours of my life I won’t get back queuing for Peter Kay tickets to find they’re all sold out. Yet seems to be plenty of people re-selling for 10 times the price. Scumbags”

Some also suggested that property should have been given to those that had originally brought tickets to Kay’s tour in 2017 that later had to be cancelled.

As one fan wrote: “This Peter Kay ticketing is a disgrace. Priority should’ve been given to those who had tickets for the cancelled tour and a like-for-like replacement done…”

But the mass interest in tickets was expected as, ticket sellers warned fans to expect queues and delayed service, with Ticketmaster sharing the statement “As expected, Peter Kay is super popular this morning. To make it as fair as possible, we have put everyone in a queue. Be patient and don’t refresh or you’ll lose your place.”

Seeing the high demand for tickets, new dates were announced for the comics tour, with it now not ending until 2024.