As England plays their first match at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, all eyes are on the nation's football team. 

With some familiar faces and some new ones, many might recognise the striker, Marcus Rashford. 

Known for his charitable work, the footballer quickly rose to fame thanks to his impressive skills and inspiring words. 

During the pandemic, Rashford gained a lot of positive backing when he helped raise millions for the FareShare charity. 

Adored on the pitch, Rashford has seen mass success and has a wealth that proves it. 

What is Marcus Rashford's net worth?

The 24-year-old player has an estimated net worth of £45 million according to salary sport.

The Manchester-born athlete also plays for Manchester United FC alongside being a part of the England team. 

How much does Marcus Rashford earn a week?

Rashford has a nice weekly wage, with an estimated weekly earning of £225,000 according to Salary Sport. 

That means the player has a yearly salary of £11,700,000 for his time at Machester United. 

Rashford's salary makes him the 10th highest-paid teammate in Manchester United.