Brits who suffer from Hay fever are being warned of a potential pollen bomb hitting parts of the country over the weekend.

With conditions for sufferers of Hay fever set to worsen, how can you help tame your symptoms?

Tyler Woodward, CEO of Eden’s Gate, said: “Many of us suffer from hay fever from the start of April as tree pollen begins to show itself, later transitioning into the summer months when flower pollen is rife.

“Whilst over the counter medication can be used, it’s not always effective. Many sufferers look to include natural ways to curb the onset of hay fever such as vacuuming or using Vaseline as a trap, but one underestimated tip is CBD creams or balm applied directly to your nose and sinus areas.

The Bolton News:

“This can help to reduce inflammation, reduce the severity of symptoms, and provide relief.”

These are seven top tips to tackle your hay fever.

Wearing wraparound sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses can help with hay fever by shielding the eyes from pollen, dust, and other allergens in the air.

The wraparound design of the sunglasses helps to keep the allergens from getting in the eyes and causing irritation. The sunglasses also provide UV protection, which can help to reduce eye irritation and discomfort.

Closing windows

Closing your windows is an easy way to keep pollen out of your home which is a common trigger for sufferers.

Keeping windows closed can also help to keep the air temperature inside your home consistent, which can make breathing easier.

Quitting smoking

Quitting smoking can help reduce hay fever symptoms as it improves air quality and reduces the amount of pollen and other allergens in the air.

Removing smoke from the air you breathe reduces inflammation in the nose and throat, making it easier to breathe and reducing the severity of allergy symptoms.


CBD can help relieve symptoms by reducing inflammation in the nose and throat, making it easier to breathe.

It can also reduce the production of mucus, which is often triggered by hay fever, and act as an antihistamine, which helps to reduce the body's allergic response.

Put Vaseline around your nose to trap pollen

Vaseline on the nose can provide relief by acting as a barrier and trapping pollen and other allergens in the air before they can reach the nose and cause an allergic reaction.

Additionally, Vaseline can help to keep the nose moisturised and reduce irritation.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming can alleviate symptoms experienced by trapping pollen and clearing all dust and allergens in the air before they can cause an allergic reaction.

Adding to this, vacuuming in diagonal and zig zag lines first, followed by a thorough vacuum is a great way to ensure all dust particles are picked up, reducing the risk of hay fever.

Purchase anti-pollen fresheners for your car

Using anti-pollen air fresheners in your car can help reduce Hay fever symptoms by attracting any pollen or dust before it can reach the nose and eye, therefore making your drive around more comfortable.

That being said, if you do feel uncomfortable and irritated whilst driving, it is advised to pull over and take some time to reset before driving again.