A 'life-changing' cleaning hack has gone viral on TikTok and it will cost you 89p to try at home. 

TikTok star @cleanwithkayleigh has shared five impressive ways to kickstart the Spring Cleaning season with her 2.1 million followers.

Kaleigh Tenant revealed to her fans that she uses a single Aldi product to clean five different areas of her home.

Tenant uses it to disinfect and clean her bins, walls, toilets and more and here's you can jump on the trend.

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How to get Aldi's TikTok viral 89p disinfectant

250ml of the Powerforce 4 in 1 Disinfectant will cost you 89p and can be purchased in three scents including Linen, Pink Grapefruit and Lavender.

The full Powerforce range is available in Aldi stores or via its website.

Kayleigh opted for the linen scent and commended it for smelling ‘absolutely gorgeous.’

Here are five of her favourite ways you can use the product around your home:

Hack 1: Blind Cleaning

Shoppers can use this innovative hack to clean both sides of blind slats in one swipe:

  • Add one cap full of the Powerforce 4 in-1 Disinfectant into an empty spray bottle and dilute with water
  • Using kitchen tongs with silicone tips, wrap microfibre cloths around the silicone tips of the tongues (this will help the cloths grip on)
  • Using the diluted disinfectant spray, dampen the cloths all over, then run the dampened clothes over blinds
  • This technique allows both sides of each individual blind slat to be cleaned at the same time

Hack 2: DIY Wipes

There is no need to add to the landfill by buying anti-bac wipes with this eco-savvy method:

  • Start by adding diluted disinfectant to a jar. Then add clean microfibre cloths to the jar, allowing them to absorb the liquid
  • Once absorbed, these can then be used as DIY disinfectant wipes, with the disinfectant’s shine properties leaving an extra shiny finish
  • No need to add to landfill, simply throw them in the washing machine once used.
@cleanwith_kayleigh Five hacks, using just one product - @Aldi UK’s Powerforce 4 in 1 Disinfectant 🧹🧼 my home has never felt so clean and smelt so fresh 😍 will you try any of these cleaning hacks? Head in store and pick up a bottle for only 89p 🙌🏼 AD / #AldiUk #cleantok #cleaninghacks #homehacks #cleaningtips #cleanwithme #homecleaning #housecleaning #cleaningmotivation #ad ♬ original sound - ✨clean with kayleigh✨

Hack 3: Bin Cleaning

If you are wanting your bins squeaky clean and smelling fresh, you need to give this quirky idea a try:

  • Use the disinfectant diluted into a spray bottle to clean inside and outside bins
  • For extra freshness, add some neat disinfectant to a paper towel and place in the bottom of the bin 
  •  Thanks to the long-lasting freshness of the disinfectant, the bin will continue to give a whiff of clean scent each time its opened.

Hack 4: Wall Cleaning  

Leave your walls looking freshly painted with this clever hack:

  • It's well known that diluted disinfectant works well for cleaning the floors, but this hack uses the same method with a mop and disinfectant to freshen up walls
  • This works perfectly for cleaning hard-to-reach areas of walls and ceilings
  •  Quick tip - a clean mop must always be used for this technique to avoid any wall stain

The Bolton News: Aldi's Powerforce 4 in 1 Disinfectant has proved popular with TikTokers. (Aldi)Aldi's Powerforce 4 in 1 Disinfectant has proved popular with TikTokers. (Aldi) (Image: Aldi)

Hack 5: Toilet Cleaning

This easy tip should leave your loos smelling clean and fresh in no time at all:

  • Using the diluted disinfectant in a spray bottle, spray this down the toilet
  • Using toilet paper to wipe this away allows the dust and dirt to stick to the toilet paper acting like a magnet rather than pushing the dust and dirt around the toilet
  • Once the toilet is clean, add a capful of neat disinfectant into the toilet bowl and place the toilet brush into bowl
  • This disinfects the toilet brush and leaves the bathroom smelling great thanks to the odour eliminating properties of the disinfectant

Fans have flooded Kaleigh's comments section with praise for the 5-in-1 cleaning hack.

One user posted: " Blind hack is life changing."

A second person chimed in:"Wow, amazing tips! We love @Aldi UK.|"

While a third wrote: "These are great! Thank you x"

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